Evan recently went out for a ride in the snow.  Here is his Trail Report:

“Took one of Great Divide Cyclery’s Specialized Fatboy Demo bikes out for a ride in the beautiful sunshine and slushy snow! Started going up Davis Gulch on some sloppy streets and connected on to the DeFord Trail before climbing up Eagle Scout. So far no ice! Continued along Easy Rider to the base of 2006 where the real climbing begins! The snow was definitely getting deep off the packed trail at this point so staying in the 2 foot wide path was necessary to keep those pedals turning. Climbing up the 2006 Trail was surprisingly good! There were a few steeper parts where my tires wanted to start sliding but I just moved my weight back a little bit and kept it in the granny gear and was able to muscle up all of it! The bike definitely blew me away with how much traction you could muster out of the slushy, snowy trail! I was able to climb all the way to the top of 2006 without stopping or putting a foot down, something that I occasionally struggle with when the trails are dry! Once at the saddle, I started climbing up to the top of Mt. Ascension over towards Entertainment trail. This is where things became a bit more tricky… The packed path diminished quickly and I soon found myself trudging through 2-3 feet of untracked snow, impossible to pedal through. I ended up hiking up most of it until I reached the top and turned around to blast back down 2006. On the way down the deep snow didn’t seem to affect my ability to stay on the bike as much. I just held open the brakes, leaned back off the bike a bit and plowed right through! Once I was back on 2006, I was again blown away by the amount of traction those fat tires provided and felt like I was riding the trail as if it were the middle of summer! The snow held under my bike through all the tight corners and off camber sections and I never felt out of control. With a grin on my face and occasional howls of joy I made my way back down the mountain and connected with the Pay Dirt Trail. This trail had also been pretty heavily used by hikers all winter and finding traction was again no problem on the Fatboy. All the rocky sections that normally take a bit of finesse to roll smoothly over were covered in a solid layer of snow that made the whole ride down pretty smooth. Definitely a solid ride that had me dreaming of buying myself a fat bike at the end!”

Posted on January 26th, 2016