2.23.16 Trail Report, by TJ Lehman

February dry trail ride!

Took a late afternoon ride on the Transition Scout High Vis edition while my bi is in the shop.  I headed up Acropolis from Cruze ave to link up Rodney ridge trail and descend Don’t fence me in trail.  Acropolis had a few icy patches but none where it would make you slip out on the climb.  It was a sunny day so lots of hikers were out-and-about to say hello and yield to.  Once on Rodney Ridge trail it was quite nice and mostly dry.  This is a quick climb to the don’t fence me in trail for the descent.  The descent down don’t fence me in is all dry until the last 50 yards where there are 2-3 ice patches each 10-15 feet long.  You can skirt by them on the left hand side of the track if you are under control.  The trail  overall was a hoot ripping on the new Schwalbe Procore tube setup on the Transition bike! From the junction of waterline to the trailhead on Orofino rd. the trail was fairly dry.  However, the bottom just before Orofino rd. is pretty icy.

I then road to Readers trail on the road and met up with a buddy to do a quick lollipop lap on contour trail and descend Prospect shafts.  Readers trail has little ice but lots of frozen dirt so there’s still moisture in the trail.  Careful to not rut this on a warm day.  Once on contour heading south the trail is great.  Contour is a fun early season trail to ride for sure. The decent down Prospect Shafts is also in great riding shape with no snow, ice or mud.  Prospect shafts has been open for a week or better from reports from other riding buddies.

It’s still very early to venture so be mindful of trail conditions and if the dirt is too soft turn around and try another day. Happy bike season!

-TJ L.image2

Posted on February 24th, 2016