Knolly Endorphin – “Gold n’ Raw”

Andrew has been a part of this shop before it was a shop. We built his last bike (NS Surge hardtail) in the namesake of the shop, the garage at my house.  Andrew has been rocking that hardtail, on all sorts of trails, for years now. This year Andrew decided to pick up a new ride, and we think he made a spectacular choice. He picked up one of our favorites – the Knolly Endorphin. This 140mm travel trail bike is the perfect weapon for our Helena trails and more than capable of taking it’s rider past their limits.

Andrew put together quite the build that I was proud to have built at the Garage.  I think you will agree, it suites him well. We are all a little nervous how fast he’s going to be on his new full suspension rig.  Congrats on the new bike Andrew!

Built For: Andrew Franks-Ongoy