Custom Builds

Full Bikes:

Purchasing a new bike is a big deal! The bicycle is something that you spend some pretty special time with, and that machine should certainly be something that adds to the experience. Here at The Garage we believe that the bicycle is an extension of the rider and should reflect on their unique personality & specific riding needs. All riders out there are individuals and we build all our bikes to be just as unique and one of a kind as their owners. We work with local painters at Uber Lack Paint Shop, and a local graphic designer for the most one-of-a-kind bikes in the business. All builds feature a complementary consultation and quote (with tasty cold beverages), and will be fully assembled by one of our master mechanics. Frames will be faced and tapped, wheels are precisely built/trued, derailleur systems dialed, brakes adjusted to perfection, cables and housing tight and clean, perfect fit on the cockpit, and professionally adjusted suspension.

Custom Wheels:

Wheels are one of the most important parts on a bike, and are a great spot to look for noticeable upgrade performance. If you are looking to pump a fresh breathe of life into your trusty stead, a hand build wheel set from The Garage, will do just that. All our wheel sets are 100% laced by hand, featuring the finest components in the industry. All components are hand measured for precise spoke length. The wheels go through a multi step stressing and tensioning process & include a complementary follow up true and tension.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

Inquire about a Custom Build

Santa Cruz V10

Knolly Warden Carbon – Panther Project

Devinci Troy – Marah’s Whip

Yeti SB6c – Limelight

Transition Patrol Carbon – “Wilson Edition”

Fatback Skookum


Transition Scout – “High Vis” Edition

Knolly Warden – “The Squatch Wagon”

Knolly Warden – “Eighties-Tastic” Edition

Yeti SB6c “Ka-Pow!!” Edition

Transition Patrol – “Williamson Edition”

Knolly Warden – “Big Earl”

Devinci Spartan – “Xyphos”

Wheel Build – “Blue Candy”

Yeti SB5c – “Sarah Edition”

Surly Ice Cream Truck – “Blue Sparkle”

Gunnar Crosshairs – “Slack Edition”

Surly Ice Cream Truck – “The Behemoth”

Knolly Warden – “Elk Horn”

Knolly Warden – “Red Fox”

Knolly Warden – “Orange Crush”

Gunnar Roadie – “Raska Edition”

Yeti SB66 Alloy – “Turquoise Edition”

Evil Uprising – “Lehman Edition”

Knolly Endorphin – “Gold n’ Raw”

Santa Cruz V10 – “The Ring”

Knolly Endorphin – Green Machine