Gunnar Roadie – “Raska Edition”

Steven Raska wanted a road bike. Memories of flying down the open road, wind in his face, made it an easy choice.  It was time to get a new bike and get out on the road again!  Steven has been a supporter of our shop since he first stepped foot through the door. It was our first season and his son, with Abelina Valley, play at one of our first parties.  He owns a company that specializes in building custom farm equipment and vehicles (AG Trucks and Equipment), so he appreciates a well built machine.

Steven decided on the beautiful, hand built Gunnar Roadie for his platform on this build.  Gunnar Bikes hand builds their frames and forks right here in the good o’l USA.  We went with a full 11 speed Shimano Ultegra Group, hand laced up some good every day wheels (pictured with Enve 3.4 SES wheelset), and set it up with a comfy Soma off road drop bar and Brooks saddle.

Hope you have been enjoying your new rig this summer and fall, and welcome back into the world of riding Steven!

Built For: Steven Raska