Knolly Warden – “Red Fox”

Our mechanic, Cole Johnson, Just put together this beautiful Knolly Warden for enduro racing and trail crushing.  If you know Cole your best chance of seeing this bike in a non – blurred state is right here in these pictures!

The New Warden from Knolly Bike is quickly becoming a shop favorite, with both Steve and Cole rolling one of  these bigger wheeled Knolly’s this year.  The Warden features all the goodness and attention to detail that Knolly has been known for including the impressive 4×4 suspension design, adjustable geometry, Ti hardware, & detailed cable routing. This new bike is proving to be a stellar Helena bike!

Congrats on the new bike Cole, we think you did a damn good job with this one.

VitalMTB “Bike of the Day” on Sept. 21 2014

Built For: Kettu