Transition Scout – “High Vis” Edition

Transition Bikes have really hit a home run with their new line of bikes featuring the “Giddy Up” suspension design!  Here at the Garage we wanted to offer one of their bikes as a demo and the Scout was a perfect fit for the Helena area.  On top of that the high vis yellow has been a popular color way for the 2015 season and we didn’t want to miss out on our take! Our “High Vis” Edition Transition Scout features a little more budget build, with all the right parts in the right places!  The Scout features 125mm of travel with a solid trail/slope style geo.  You can pedal it all day, but when you turn it in line with gravity it will put a big ‘ol grin on your face!

The wheel set on the bike features some new products that we have been really impressed by.  Featuring Derby Rims (40mm Wide!), and Onyx Racing Hubs with instant engagement and zero drag while free wheeling.  I can’t say enough about how awesome these hubs are! You really need to give ’em a ride.

The “High Vis” is available for Demo and is looking for a loving owner who wants to ride the hell out of it.  Call the shop for pricing or to set up a test ride.

Built For: *For Sale*