Yeti SB5c – “Sarah Edition”

Garrett knows how to treat his lady right!  After telling is wife, Sarah, that the Yeti SB5c wasn’t in their price range and that they would be waiting for the “other” bike until late March he surprised her with this beautiful fully custom built SB5c that is just a “little” more tricked out than the original bike she was wishing for.  Sarah was in for a bit of a shock when she came into the shop to see a theoretical set of bars and scored this sweet rig instead.

For Sarah’s Yeti we built it up with some of our favorite bits.  Deity T-Mo Enduro bar and Decoy LT pedals,  Twenty6 stem and custom endcaps. Hand laced up some super nice wheels (with custom painted spokes by Elbert’s Paint Shop) and carbon rims by Atomik Carbon.  Congrats on the new bike Sarah!

Built For: Sara Norrcott